Terms and Conditions – Updated September 2015

1. School Calendar
Clevetown Music School runs lessons to coincide with the New Zealand school terms, unless otherwise speci ed in an individual invoice. A school calendar showing exact dates is available online at http://www.education.govt.nz/ministryofeducation/schooltermsandholidays/. There may be also lessons arranged during the school break by mutual agreement of the teacher and the student. Many students also take lessons during holidays to improve on technique, for upcoming gigs, or to participate in our rock programs.

2. Invoices
Invoices are posted or emailed to parents / students before the start of each term with tuition
fees for the whole term charged in advance. Fees are payable by the due date speci ed on each invoice. Failure to pay an invoice by the due date will result in a late fee of $35 being charged unless a prior arrangement has been organised. Please note that we offer numerous payment options including weekly/fortnightly automatic payments. AP’s must be kept up to date. Please note that all our invoicing is billed under the GST registered business name of Orchestrated Audio Services.

3. Lessons of any students with overdue invoices in excess of two weeks will be suspended until the full amount owing has been paid. Please note that you will still be liable for payment of those lessons, up to the completion of the current term.

4. All invoices which remain overdue one month after the due date stated on the original invoice will automatically be referred to a debt collection agency who will then take action to recoup all monies owed. Please note that we have no desire for this to be the result, but we also need to protect our business interests.

5. Payment is accepted by cheque or electronic banking only. In the event of a cheque being dishonoured, the parent / student will be responsible for meeting any bank charges incurred.

Cash is not acceptable. Cheques must be sent to 19 Gould Crescent, Woolston, Christchurch 8023, cheques must not be left on site at the school, in the event the cheque is stolen and cashed in you are held reliable and will need to reissue the cheque for the full amount.

6. Absentees Policy
It would be appreciated if you let Steve Fowler know if you are going to be absent from lessons at the start of the term. Please send in writing an email at clevetownstudios@gmail.com
No refunds are available to students who take holidays or are absent for any reason within the school term once it has started. All absences require 48 hour notice and are accepted by email only or
fees are forfeited and no credit is given. Only one credit per term is allowed. A credited lesson must be used in the form of a rearranged lesson on a suitable day negotiated with your teacher and this lesson is not transferable or reimbursable to the following term. A credited rearranged lesson is not guaranteed to take place as it depends on the teacher’s availability in that given term. At each new term start date credited lessons due are reset to zero for all students.

7. School Group Lessons (Casebrook & Breens)
For group school lessons fees are charged out on a half yearly, or yearly basis. These lessons start in week 4 of term 1 and nish in week 6 of term 4. Please note that these lessons must be payed for, or their must be an arrangement for payment organised, by week 2 of term 1, and/or term 3 respectively. Because of the nature of the group lessons and the fact that they are billed out at a reduced rate, there is no occasion where missed lessons will be caught up. This includes student absence, public or school holiday, or teacher absence.
There is no refund or credit for lessons missed!

8. Private Students
If less than 48 hours notice of absence is given, you will be charged the full price of that lesson (this includes sickness, business travel, bereavement, social/cultural commitments).
Only one credit per term (applied to the next term’s invoice) will be given to students when a mini- mum of 48 hours notice of absence is received (unless under exceptional circumstances as deter- mined by Clevetown Music School). Lessons will not be made up. If lessons are cancelled due to the illness of a teacher, that lesson will be credited on the next invoice. Regular attendance at lessons is necessary for students overall progress. Frequent absences from lessons will impede progress and may result in a student’s lesson time being forfeited.
There is no refund or credit for lessons missed by a student regardless of how much notice is given.

9. Teacher Absence
If the teacher is absent: Clevetown Music School will, where possible, get a replacement teacher.
If we are unable to arrange a replacement teacher, then your teacher will reschedule the lesson at a convenient time.
If you cannot make the rescheduled lesson, you will be eligible for a credit of the lesson cost.

10. Termination
Four weeks written notice must be given for the cancellation of a student from tuition. You will be charged for any scheduled lessons up until the end of the four week notice period and a $35 Cancellation Fee will also be charged. Minimum enrolment is one term.

11. Cancellation
Clevetown Music School may cancel lessons at any time before the pupil commences for any reason whatsoever. Clevetown Music School shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellation. In the event of cancellation by Clevetown Music School prior to the commencement of lessons, Clevetown Music School will refund any fees already paid.

For Private Lesson at Clevetown Music School

12. Parent/Guardian Attendance
Parent attendance is welcomed at all times. Children up to the age of 6 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the lesson. Children between the ages of 7 and 10 would bene t from a parent being present but it is not compulsory.

13. Siblings
To ensure that your child gets the full bene t from their lesson, we request that they are accompanied by only a parent or guardian. We do not have childcare facilities.

14. Student Conduct
Clevetown Music School expects students to have fun in lessons but also to conduct themselves in a sensible manner with due regard for the teacher and other students. Teachers reserve the right to discipline children in their care to a certain extent. However, if this proves ineffective, it is the parent’s responsibility to take control of the student and remove them from the lesson if necessary. The parent shall be responsible for the welfare and conduct of the student throughout the course and whilst the student is on the premises. If unacceptable behaviour continues, this will be investigated by Clevetown Music School. Students and/or parents who are unable to rectify unacceptable behaviour will be excluded from lessons and if necessary, the premises. The standard of behaviour which is to be regarded as unacceptable in lessons or on the premises shall be determined by Clevetown Music School.

15. Responsibility
Clevetown Music School will take all reasonable care to ensure pupils are safely supervised, but cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may occur in the parent’s absence.

16. Personal Property
Clevetown Music School does not accept liability for the loss of any personal property on the school’s premises or items being stolen.

17. Parents are welcome to talk direct with the music teacher or call/email at anytime to discuss their child’s progress.

18. Smoking & Alcoholic Drinks
Smoking & consumption of alcoholic drinks are not permitted on Clevetown Studios premises.

19. Equal Opportunities
Clevetown Music School offers equal opportunities and equal treatment of contractors and students regardless of their sex, colour, race or nationality.

20. Customer Feedback
Clevetown Music School is very proud of the service provided. However, if you do have a concern about a student’s music education at Clevetown Music School please talk to your teacher in the rst instance.
If you are unable to resolve the problem with your teacher, please telephone Steve Fowler on 027 2536001 or email at clevetownstudios@gmail.com. If your issue is still not resolved please put it in writing.
The Director, Clevetown Studios, 19 Gould Crescent, Woolston, Christchurch.

21. Acceptance of terms and conditions
All agreements relating to the teaching of courses by Clevetown Music School to the student are subject to these terms and conditions to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. No variations or addition to the terms shall be binding unless agreed in writing by Clevetown Music School and the parent.
The terms shall be deemed to have been accepted and agreed to by you upon payment, or upon attending a course on 2 separate occasions, whichever is the earlier.

It is the mission of Clevetown Music School to provide musical tuition of the highest quality. It is also our goal to adhere to the highest professional standards in the running of the school and in our dealings with both parents and students. Your agreeing to abide by the aforementioned terms and conditions will enhance the professional image of the school and ensure a mutually bene cial association.